PURPOSE: The family of the late Captain John P Monahan a highly-decorated Vietnam Army Veteran wishes to honor his memory by assisting other military veterans and their immediate family members by providing educational scholarships. The scholarship monies will go to deserving persons who are pursuing accredited collegiate level educational opportunities. The eligible candidates must be students who are attending or about to enter a college level program and are US Veterans, or their children, or grandchildren or members of a Lancaster county High School JROTC Unit. Awards will be made based on an identified financial need. The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) support will be extended to selected candidates by distributing scholarships to meet their educational goals.

  • Fundraising - Post 12136 Membership, Individuals, and Corporate Sponsors
  • Advertising - Local News Media, Post Web Site (VFW, Veteran Affairs Office - Lancaster, SC, and Lancaster County selected High Schools Faculty Members and School Newsletters
  • Sample Scholarship Application Content/Format - See Application enclosure (Page 4)
  • Evaluation of Scholarship Applications - Three Member Selection Committee
  • Awarding of Scholarship Funds - By selection committee recommendation and Captain John P Monahan VFW Post 12136 membership approval of annual Post budget line item
  • One Time Award - one to three students
  • Repeating Annual Awards - one to three students (not to exceed $1,000 annually per student)
Note: Students eligible for repeating awards must update their original application to identify their current GPA and school acceptance to continue in their chosen educational program

Three (3) scholarships of $500 each can be awarded. The scholarship may be offered as a one-time or as a
repeating award. The award(s) will be distributed directly to the college or university (Financial Aid Office) of the student’s choice not to exceed $4,000 per individual to complete a 4-year Baccalaureate level program

Donors may be able to receive a tax benefit depending on scholarship terms since the VFW Post 12136 is a 501(c) (19) organization - "donations are not contingent upon receipt of any goods or services”

  • Financial Need of Student and/or Family - will be based on narrative/essay on application and as evaluated by the selection committee
  • Academic Achievement - High School or College Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.2 or greater
  • Writing Skills - As demonstrated in the application essay
  • Three-Member Selection Committee - Current or retired Educator (1), Monahan Family member or designee (1) and an appointed VFW Post 12136 member (1)
  • Where and When - Applications will be made available through High School Counselor’s Office upon request
  • When are High School Applications Due - April 30th of the Senior High School year
NOTE: Repeating Awards for students already enrolled in a collegiate level program will need to their updated GPA as soon as possible in advance of their next semester
  • How and Where - Completed applications to be mailed to VFW Post 12136 Commander, see information contained in this document
  • How and When - Applicants will be notified in writing approximately two months prior to need
  • Scholarship Monetary Amount - Not to exceed $1,000.00 annually per recipient or as determined by selection committee based on financial need evaluation. Scholarship awards announcements can be made at High School Senior Class Awards ceremony
  • How and Where - Scholarship funds will be distributed, only to the identified school Financial Aid Office
  • Basic Contact Information - Applicant’s name, address, home and phone contact number, email address, etc.
  • Qualification for Scholarship - Veteran, children or grandchildren or niece/nephew of a US Veteran or Member of a Lancaster County HS JROTC Unit
  • Academic Information - GPA of 3.2, Attendance Record, Awards/Achievements, Community Involvement, etc.
  • Written Content - Essay of 350 - 500 words relevant to the academic program being pursued
  • Selection of School - Describe reason for selection of school
  • Financial Need - Describe in application essay
  • Transcripts’ - Certified copies of High School Transcripts
  • Demonstrated Leadership - in multiple combined areas of academic and local community projects
  • Letters of Recommendation - A minimum of one letter from either a Teacher, Counselor, Advisor, JROTC Commander, or employer
  • Veterans or Children/Grandchildren/niece/nephew of US Veterans residing in Lancaster County, SC.
  • Lancaster County JROTC Unit Members - Provided they meet all the identified criteria outlined herein
  • Review - Submitted Applications
  • Selection - Best applicant’s
  • Voting - Approval of one or more of best applicant’s not to exceed 3 students per semester.
  • Notification - Scholarship Award Recipient(s) will be notified in writing
  • Annual Review of Program Parameters - To ensure program meets needs of Student’s and VFW Sponsor’s
  • Reporting Requirements – A VFW annual report to include scholarship performance and financial viability, application and selection process reviews to make improvements as needed and written feedback from Student awardees’, if available
  • Awarded Student Applicants - VFW Post Adjutant will maintain the original application and all correspondence between student and Post until completion of student academic program

Rev May 2022

Captain John P Monahan VFW Post 12136
Memorial Scholarship Application Information
Deadline: April 30th of each school year
The family of the late Captain John P Monahan, a highly-decorated Vietnam Army Veteran wishes to honor his memory by assisting other military veterans and their immediate family members including grandchildren by providing education scholarships. Three (3) scholarships of $500 each can be awarded. The scholarship may be offered as a one-time award, or as a repeating award. The award(s) will be distributed directly to the college or university (Financial Aid Office) of the student’s choice.
• A High School student in the Lancaster County School District or a student in an Accredited College
• US Veteran, child or grandchild of US Veteran residing in Lancaster County and/or a member of a Lancaster County High School JROTC Unit
• 3.2 GPA or higher
• Awards may be made based on financial need
• Must be enrolled or accepted in a post-secondary education program in any 2 or 4-year college or university or technical school. Student can pursue any degreed program
Submission Must Include:
• Personal Information:
Employment status
Phone contact numbers
Email address
• Name of veteran and relationship or indication of the student’s membership in a local JROTC unit.
• Certified copy of high school or college transcript
• List of Awards/Achievements/Demonstrated leadership in academic and community projects
• Essay Questions: How will this scholarship assist you in pursuing your educational goals,
including a description of academic program being pursued, selection of school, and your
financial need in 350 t0 500 words
• Provide a letter of recommendation from a teacher, school counselor, JROTC commander or employer
• A copy of your enrollment/acceptance letter from the college/university you will be attending
• Name and address of Financial Aid Office at the university or college you will be attending
Essay Instructions:
• Prepare a cover sheet with your name, date, and personal contact information
• Attach your essay of 350 to 500 words
Mail completed Application: 
To the Attn: Post Commander, Capt. John P Monahan VFW Post 12136
9332 Whistling Straits Drive, Fort Mill, SC 29707, 
Email any questions to:

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Scholarship winners will be notified in writing or at their local HS Awards Day ceremonies in May of each year. In the case of repeating scholarship awards the student will provide documentation from their school that all requirements have been met to continue in their chosen program. Then, they will be notified in writing of their repeating award.